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Your Business

In the current economic climate, it is challenging to manage the financial requirements of your business alongside the time required for strategic planning. To manage your business effectively, it’s critical you have the appropriate information and expert advice. Slaven Jeffcote can help you to factor in the accounting implications of commercial decisions to protect the interest of you and your stakeholders. Our expert team will help you to make sound and realistic financial investments to achieve your business goals.

Banks, investors, shareholders, financial regulatory bodies and government are seeking increasing transparency in a company’s affairs. With more enquiries being seen year on year, they are putting more and more pressure on businesses to get their financial affairs in order, with an expectation that everything will be right the first time. Our team can assist you in this huge task, helping you to deal with all of your interactions and meet your responsibilities to investors.

We look after the interests of corporate entities at every stage of their life-cycle from start-ups selling a business. All limited companies have to prepare accounts as per the Company Act. We offer all the business accountancy services you would expect including:

We have a hands-on approach whereby all the partners are personally involved in every aspect of the business. We make sure that your interests are always looked after by senior people who fully understand the commercial realities of your business.

If you need accounting services for international business transactions, we are able to simplify complicated financial issues in order to maximise rewards. We can offer unique solutions working in conjunction with our partner, Infinum Partners SA, based in Geneva, which offers a full range of private banking and financial services. You can be sure that all your business and financial needs will be catered for. We are, of course, fully compliant with the international anti-money laundering requirements.

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