UK Investments

UK Investments

If you have personal or business UK Investments, or if you own property in the UK (either directly or through some other entity) or if you have funds invested in the UK, you will need to consider how UK taxes apply.

Whether you have never lived in the UK, or you have left either permanently or temporarily, perhaps on secondment overseas – you will need assistance with your UK investments.  We take away the hassle of the necessary paperwork, and the worry of adhering to the necessarily strict tax regulations.

We can assist you with your UK investments by:

  • Helping you to understand how financial interests retained in UK should be declared
  • Calculating taxes on income, capital gains, gifts and inheritance of assets
  • Identifying VAT chargeable on supplies of goods or services
  • Calculating land & property stamp duty or stamp land tax chargeable on asset transfers
  • Assistance with applications to join the Non Resident Landlord Scheme
  • Help to arrange a deduction on Income Tax relating to investment income for non-residents – where possible
  • Identification of the impact of double tax agreements

Our experienced and trustworthy team can help you identify when and what UK tax allowances or relief’s you can claim, and how your affairs can be reorganized to reduce the administrative burden and ultimately your tax liability.

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