International Services

International Services

Are you thinking of investing personal wealth overseas, or perhaps planning on investing in the UK? Our international services are highly regarded, and can provide you and your business with the knowledge that your affairs are being handled by a professional and well experienced advisor.

A favourable business environment alongside lower tax rates has recently encouraged a large number of overseas clients to come to the UK. We have particular expertise in assisting these clients with their cross-border transactions, and advising on suitable structures for investment in the UK to optimise any tax planning opportunities. If you are investing internationally, then offshore trusts, private family foundations and companies offer considerable benefits and can be used as an effective instrument in many areas of international tax planning.

The press publication of the so called ‘Panama Papers’ means that whilst overseas entities remain perfectly legitimate, the introduction of common reporting standards means that they will their use may be subject to close attention and so they must be reviewed, maintained and administered with the utmost efficiency.

Why choose Jeffcote Donnison for your international services?

Jeffcote Donnison has a wealth of experience in international transactions. After over thirty years working in the international arena, and through our long association with overseas lawyers, tax advisers and accountants, we are able to draw on the direct expertise of trusted professional contacts in over thirty countries.

We have been able to successfully structure:

  • investment into UK real estate by non-residents
  • holding and investment companies for non-residents setting up UK trading companies
  • companies for international trading activities, mitigating the impact of direct taxes
  • tax efficient arrangements for UK resident businesses expanding their operations overseas

Through our relationship with PraxisIFM JD Corporate Services Limited we can introduce clients to a complete range of complimentary services including:

  • Offshore company incorporations
  • Administration and bookkeeping services
  • Establishment of offshore trusts and provision of trustee services
  • Formation and administration of foundations

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