Foreign Nationals

Foreign Nationals

The UK has always been a popular destination for business and economic migration. Thanks to its sympathetic tax treatment of international personal and business clients,  it remains an attractive location for foreign nationals and businesses considering re-location.

Are you a foreign national coming to live or bring your business to the UK? We advise individuals based all over the world, but we particularly understand the requirements and concerns you will be facing. Our expert team can help you to structure your affairs, take account of your current and future economic and social needs to ensure you derive the maximum benefit.

We can assist you or your business in a number of ways, and our expert and friendly team will smooth your transition into the UK through a number of specialist services:

  1. The implications of tax residence and Domicile to your UK tax position
  2. Help you understand the UK self-assessment system and your exposure to it
  3. Working closely with Immigration specialists to secure Tier1 visa applications
  4. Guidance on tax efficient segregation of income and capital
  5. Protection of capital assets from depletion
  6. Advice regarding income, capital gains and inheritance taxes whilst working in the UK
  7. Tax implications of leaving the UK for short or long periods of time

No two situations are identical and our bespoke advice reflects the individual priorities and circumstances of each client. We also believe that the initial advice is only as worthwhile as its implementation, and a fundamental principal of our role is in working alongside our clients to ensure the full understanding and correct implementation of advice and strategies proposed.

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