Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning might not be on the top of your list of financial priorities, but it should be! Nobody likes to consider what will happen after they have gone, but most of us would not want to think that they have inadequately provided for their loved ones if the unthinkable happens.

It is both sensible and reassuring to make plans for the future, whether it is for yourself or your business. Each individual has different intentions and requirements, and our bespoke succession planning ensures an efficient transition to the next generation.

The earlier you consider planning your estate the more chance you will have at utilising all of the tax opportunities available to you. We can provide advice based on the most up-to date knowledge of our expert team, so that you can make full advantage of the exemptions and relief’s on offer to mitigate any tax bill, maximising the amount that can be passed to your beneficiaries rather than the tax man!

You may have assets located in a number of countries, and therefore have to consider local rules in each jurisdiction. We work with your own advisers or other lawyers and tax specialists, to ensure compliance with the effects of multi-jurisdictional dispositions. This is often through the use of UK Trusts, International Trusts and/or Private Family Foundations, which can be established and administered by our expert associated businesses.

With proper structuring and timing of asset transfers we can ensure that a full cross-border estate and death tax planning strategy is adopted to satisfy and deal with the testamentary procedures both in the UK and overseas.  Additionally we also offer bespoke advice on how to manage Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax .

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