Charity accountants

Charity Accountants

As a charitable organisation, you will have goals that set you apart from others – that of creating social value, rather than being profit orientated. We also understand that in running your charity, the onerous rules and regulations can often distract your attention away from your underlying cause; that of making a social difference.

If you are looking for experienced charity accountants, then Slaven Jeffcote have a strong background in understanding the needs and requirements of your organisation, including:

By assigning the most experienced members of our team to your organisation, we can ensure that you receive practical and relevant advice, not only on your accounting needs, but on any other matters that affect your organisation. You will receive the full range of our expertise, whilst at the same time being able to guarantee to work with a dedicated team that is easily and readily contactable. This regular contact with the organisation will enable us to have the opportunity to provide new ideas and advice as circumstances change.

Our audit and assurance work is undertaken in accordance with ethical standards, which ensure that we constantly take steps to ensure our independence, objectivity and integrity. To ensure we maintain the highest standard of audit and assurance, our own internal audit procedures provide additional comfort to your important Trustees.

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