Often banks or potential investors require more comfort than the basic figures presented in the statutory accounts.

Our Assurance Report can be provided independently or incorporated into your Statutory Accounts and filed at Companies House. For companies that do not require an audit, we can undertake an review of various aspects of the business records and provide a report that gives more certainty than a standard accountants’ report.

Your accounts will be reviewed and if anything suggests that certain areas should be looked at in further detail, this will be done. An assurance review provides an opinion as to whether anything the reviewer has seen during their work suggests a problem with the financial statements.

This can be a useful option for smaller companies as:

  • It still shows users that an independent party has reviewed the accounts, but, as less work is performed, it will take up less of your time compared to an audit
  • Your internal accounting staff still know that their work will be looked at by an outside, independent observer

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